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What do you get when you combine Pittsburgh bluegrass musicians who inexplicably find themselves forming a pack united by their love of acoustic string tunes, heady improv and weird sonic sensibility?


You get The Wolf Tones.  

Along the way — and true to our free-roaming wolf ancestors — the journey is unplanned. Sets can bounce from old-school Flatt & Scruggs to a grassed-up version of a Toots & the Maytals tune in the blink of an eye and the flick of a banjo string.

The pack is always on the move, combining a repertoire of classic bluegrass with an adventurous improv spirit... and occasionally covering Prince and Peter Tosh. Or Harry Belafonte. Or a whole night of Jerry Garcia tunes. Or something a random audience member might yell out.

We're wolves. We play bluegrass. It gets weird.

Come #howl with the pack.

2023-08-25 WT BIG RAIL2.jpg


Joe is the founder of the Shelf Life String Band and host of the weekly Tuesday Bluegrass Sessions at the Thunderbird Café in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood.

2023-08-25 WT BIG RAIL2.jpg


Dave plays all the instruments, but mostly bass in this here band. You can catch him recording as Broke, Stranded & Ugly on Bandcamp, or singing Prince with the Wolf Tones.

2023-01-31 WT TBIRD1.jpg


Patrick is a Pittsburgh-area singer-songwriter and a member of the Sweaty Already String Band.

2023-04-25 WT TBIRD1.png


Archie is a member of the Shelf String Band.

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