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Pat's been making beats for the past two decades as a hobby. One day he started sampling the band's recordings and recasting them as hip-hop instrumentals. Come roll with the pack. Available to purchase at and streaming on all major services • AmazonSpotify



It certainly didn't arrive the way we had hoped, but we did put out our first album in March 2023. Migration is a collection of 100% jams and improvised music. Assembled from our live tapes, it showcases the band in full flight, navigating the space between tunes and making up new melodies along the way — now available at!



If you've been to a handful of Wolf Tones shows, you may already know that we have a penchant for wandering into the occasional reggae jam, and occasional reggae tune.


Joe and Pat decided to take that to its logical endpoint — an album of bluegrass tunes done in several classic reggae styles. Check out Red, Gold, Green & Bluegrass at

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